Drying Water Damaged Crawlspace

Sam Bates from Supreme Clean Carpets + Restoration was booked for job drying a water damaged crawlspace.

Thinking of a great exhaust setup, Sam Bates used Drymatic II to control the air along with the Drymatic Boostbox for extra heating.

Sam set up the Drymatic II into the two sides of the Room. To create negative pressure, He installed heat pipes underneath the floor to pump in the heat. And, placed the intake pipe underneath the other end of the room to pull out the moist air.

Sam thought of a set-up that secures the house besides thinking innovatively. By, installing an outside intake underneath the floor to pull out air back through the heater. At the same time, exhausting the air into the fireplace going up through outside of the house.

Kudos for Sam for a great set-up and successfully drying the Crawlspace as well as treating the soiling.