Structural & Timber Floor Drying in East Brisbane

Dan Clifton from Steamatic Australia was contacted for a structural drying of property in East Brisbane. A leakage from the water dispenser on the kitchen island bench flooded the Property. The water flooded the kitchen, spreading to the dining area up to the living area. The 130 mm wide by 19 mm thickly spotted gum on pine battens on a concrete slab was being affected by the leakage.

To rectify the issue Steamatic Australia restorers setup Drymatic II to control the air along with Drymatic Boostboxes and Drymatic Mats. Thinking innovatively, they set up zip wall ceiling to make the area smaller. The plastic was placed across the roof to enclose the area to make it smaller for the heat drying purposes.

Dan got some help and advice from the expert in Timber Flooring, David Dobinson of Fusion Floors. David is also the one who pulled out the board for Steamatic Australia to start the setup.

Steamatic Australia set up two Drymatic octopus mat systems to blow heated air underneath the flooring. Injectors were used to pump warm, dry air underneath the kitchen cupboards to dry the timber. Dan also drilled a 28mm hole on the bottom shelf of the kitchen cabinets as the exhaust. The heat applied to the hardwood timber floor adds energy to the flooring that then releases moisture into the air that was being exhausted by the Drymatic II.

The customer was very happy and satisfied with the results.
The floor dried within just a couple of weeks. When the floor was acclimatised, it was sanded, sealed and replaced.

Great Cheers to Dan Clifton for an excellent job well done and thanks for the help of David Dobinson!