Written Off Timber Floor 100% Saved with Drymatic

Written Off Timber Floor 100% Saved with Drymatic

Daniel Jungfleisch‎ from ULTRAKETO floor cleaning solutions was contacted by the insurance company to attend a flooded Property. Water burst from a broken hose that is connected to the washing machine to the wall at the middle of the night. The client who’s still sleeping at that moment was unaware of the water leakage from the laundry room into the Tasmanian Oak floor to the hallway. The water spreads to the lounge room through carpeted family rooms and then into a smaller hallway through three bedrooms and the master bedroom with the walk in wardrobe. It was until the morning that the client knew what happened and so decided to get some help.

Initially, Daniel extracted the water by placing drying equipment on the affected areas. Using three dehumidifiers and three air movers he let three bedrooms, one family room, and the master bedroom with the walk in wardrobe dries for three days.

When the carpeted area already dried out, Daniel seeks permission to dry the timber flooring. He installed the mats across the wet timber floor and sub-floors and placed three boost box, three air movers, and the Drymatic II and started the drying process. The only complication was drying the sub-floors underneath, besides that, Daniel had everything in control. He made sure that the timber floor and the sub-floor were being kept warm without overheating by regularly checking on the moisture readings for five days.

Daniel himself was impressed with the result, and the owners were very happy. Considering the builder and assessor said it needed to be replaced.

Awesome work Daniel for a very tidy setup!