Check the air quality with the Trotec PC200 Particle Counter

Check the air quality with the Trotec PC200 Particle Counter

  • How to determine when you need to use an air scrubber?
  • How do you justify to the client or insurance company that air quality has been compromised?
  • Do you want the ability to record air quality data for reporting requirements?

The Trotec PC200 is a great instrument for precise measurement of these tasks and other air quality tasks, for example:  

  • Testing the efficiency of HVAC filters
  • Testing of leakages of suspended matter
  • Testing the technical cleanliness of process engineering
  • Testing clean rooms and filter efficiency to monitoring burdens at work spaces and quality assurance

It has the following features:

  • Particle counter with durable laser diode
  • Conforms with ISO 21501-4
  • 6 particle size channels from 0.3 to 10 μm
  • Detects size fractions and concentrations of air particles
  • Built-in photo and video function, which allows the user to monitor air particles and gather environmental data
  • All measured values of the six particle size channels are shown simultaneously on the 2.8 inch colour LCD display
  • An additional colour indicator display with automatic acoustic alarm makes it easier to quickly detect critical particle concentrations.

As well as the size and amount fractions of air particles, the PC200 also detects environmental factors such as air temperature, relative humidity, dew and wet-bulb temperature.

The PC200’s data logging function can store up to 5,000 measurement records on its internal memory. This can be expanded by up to 8 GB with a MicroSD card, which significantly raises the memory capacity and after measuring, all detected data can be quickly and easily transmitted to a PC via a USB interface for documentation or analysis.

Watch our video to learn more: 


Also check out our Trotec PC220 Particle Counter which comes with an integrated HCHO detector which reliably detects formaldehyde concentrations of as low as 0.01 ppm in the room air.

Combined with the additional CO detector, the quantitative particle mass display conforming to PM standard and many further measuring functions for particle purity and room climate data, the PC220 is the ideal solution for detecting and documenting formaldehyde concentrations in the room air.

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