Cover all your bases with the Drymatic II Complete kit

Cover all your bases with the Drymatic II Complete kit

  • New to the restoration industry?
  • Setting up another van?
  • Looking for a great value kit to expand your existing equipment?

The Drymatic II complete kit is the package for you.  Starting with the innovative Drymatic II which reduces drying times by optimising the drying conditions using heat and air exchange in two different modes which are cycled automatically allowing you to leave the equipment working whilst you get on with your other jobs.  First mode is the recirculation mode which works to reach pre-set limit for either temperature or humidity within the affected area.  Then you have the exhaust mode which allows you to introduce air from an outside or another part of the building and also exhaust the wet air away from the affected area.

The unit also has the following features:

  • Quiet and energy efficient
  • Touch safe heater outlet
  • Works from a standard 10amp power outlet
  • Portable weighing just 25kg and has built in wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Stackable for easy storage in your van or storage site
  • Flexible system with a range of attachments for various scenarios

What else do I get in the kit?

You get the standard 4 x 150mm hoses (1 x foil for heat outlet) in their own lightweight carry case. Plus included us all 3 of add-on kits, the Y piece, exhaust and injection kit with kitchen kit.

The Y piece kit allows you to split your intakes and source air from two locations to bring down the relative humidity more evenly.  You can also split your heater to spread the air over larger areas.

The injection kit provides the ability to inject heat into cavities and also pull out the wet air in those hard to reach places like wall cavities.  Combined it with the kitchen kit which reduces the diameter to 28mm OD meaning you can inject into kitchen cabinetry leaving a hole that can be patched with a small vent once the job is complete.

The exhaust adaptor reduces the pipe size to 100mm allowing you to exhaust through a smaller hole such as downlight or toilet window vent allowing the property security maintained.

And last but not least our heavy duty carry bags with wheels and multiple carry straps are provided to take the pain out of getting the equipment on and off the job.

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