Hydrosolv Fire Cleaner – removes residue fast

Hydrosolv Fire Cleaner – removes residue fast

Do you want to take your fire damage restoration work to the next level?  You need Hydrosolv Fire Cleaner.

Hydrosolv is formulated to speedily remove oil, grease, wax, soot, carbon, inks, dyes, creosote, mildew, exhaust stains, and other stubborn stains from all hard surfaces. It is a clear green/yellow fluorescent liquid. When rinsed away the emulsion formed is unstable and quickly separates into two distinct layers. This allows aqueous effluent to be discharged from premises without the release of oils or solvents and is suitable for use in all oil separation units.Hydrosolv is a new concept in biodegradable hard surface cleaning, it allows most soiling to be removed without hard rubbing. It is non-flammable, non-toxic and residual free and is safe on all hard surfaces. Hydrosolv will not harm sound paint work. It also contains a special rust inhibitor to protect metal surfaces.

Uses for Hydrosolv

Some uses for Hydrosolv include:

  • removing oil, grease, wax, soot, carbon, mildew and other stubborn stains
  • as a superior fire cleaner
  • Cleans motors, engines and aeroplane parts
  • Great for industrial factories, schools, restaurants, municipalities, printers, etc.
  • Dissolves carbon, wax and grease from processing and packaging machines
  • Dissolves fat and grease from meat processing equipment
  • Cleans blood and offal from killing areas
  • Removes grease and scum from air-conditioning and heating systems
  • Preparation before painting as leaves no residue

Hydrosolv is a unique Australian made chemical product and distributed through us here at Restore Solutions, why not give it a try today.