Let the Trotec 3 in 1 Moisture Meter Kit take your business to the next level

Let the Trotec 3 in 1 Moisture Meter Kit take your business to the next level

  • Are you setting up your first water restoration van?
  • Have you been undertaking water restoration with unreliable meters?
  • Do you want a great value kit that includes all the essential instruments?

The Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Kit has been assembled to meet the needs of any restorer at a great price.  It is suitable for those just starting out and the experienced technician or for those businesses who are adding another van to fleet and want to ensure it is fully equipped without breaking the budget. 

This kit has 4 individual instruments allowing to undertake all your essential readings on water restoration jobs.

The fours meters include the Trotec T210 Thermohygrometer which measures air temperature and relative humidity allowing you to check if conditions are optimal for your dehumidifier and heat drying equipment.

Next the Trotec T510 Moisture meter when used with the supplied TS 060 Hand Electrode or the TS 070 Ram-in Electrode allows you to check moisture levels in a wide variety of materials.  There are also further probes available in the accessories tab to increase the capabilities of this meter.

For measuring near-surface up to 4cms in depth there is the Trotec T660 Moisture meter, great for concrete slabs and other dense materials where pin probes cannot penetrate or where you need to measure without damaging the surface.

And finally there is the TP7 Dual Laser Temperature gun which is powerful but easy to use.  It allows you to check the surface temperature of materials and help you determine when and where you need to raise temperatures which can accelerate the drying process by increasing the evaporation potential.

More information can be found on any of the above by clicking on the individual products links.

Take a look at the below video to see what the kit includes and what it can do!

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