Measure like a pro with the Trotec T3000 Moisture Meter

Measure like a pro with the Trotec T3000 Moisture Meter

  • How many times have you arrived on site and you haven’t got the right moisture meter?
  • What information are you providing your water damage clients and insurance assessors?
  • How do you determine what equipment to use on a water damage job?

The Trotec T3000 Multifunction meter has to be on top of your ‘need’ list, no other single meter currently on sale in Australia has the capabilities of this meter.  When coupled with the available sensors the T3000 can replace all the individual meters in your toolbox.  Reporting is a breeze with data recording capability which can be downloaded to your computer and analysed with the included MultiMeasure Studio software (standard edition).

Take a look at the below video to get a glimpse of the capabilities of the T3000.

Here at Restore Solutions we have made it easy for you by creating 3 different kits which include the T3000 meter with a variety of sensors in a sturdy carry case.

The Trotec Starter Kit

Kit number 1 is the Starter Kit which includes the following sensors/probes:

Also included is a professional infrared thermometer with multi-point laser technology (TP7)


The Trotec Restorers Kit

Kit number 2 is the Restorers Kit which has the following additions to the Starter Kit:


The Trotec Expert Kit

Kit number 3 is the Expert Kit which further upgrades the measurements possibilities with the following extra sensor:


Watch the below videos to see what’s included in each of the 3 kits:

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