Microcide Antimicrobial – stop the bacteria in its tracks!

Microcide Antimicrobial – stop the bacteria in its tracks!

Microcide is a great chemical to have in your water damage restoration kit especially for applying to carpet and hard surfaces after a category 2 (grey water) and category 3 (black water) damage.

What is Microcide?

It is a broad spectrum quaternary biocide which controls bacteria, mould, fungi, blood borne, algae and deactivates viruses.  Studies conducted have found quaternary biocides are highly effective against many types of bacteria on both absorbent and non-absorbent materials.

This economical heavy duty cleaner is a disinfectant, fungicide, viricide, sanitizer, mildew stat and deodorizer all in one. Microcide concentrate is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria post cleaning sanitation commercial and residential areas where positive bacteria control is essential.

Uses for Microcide:

  • Great for Sewerage clean up
  • Clean up of blood
  • Hard Floor disinfectant
  • Great to fix bacteria problems in carpet

For carpet and hard floors, use 40ml per litre of water to eliminate odours associated with vomit, smoke, mould, mildew and sewerage.

This is a great value product with each 5 litre container or concentrate providing you with 125 litres of solution and is a small price for the peace of mind knowing you have killed the bacteria leading to mould and odours.