Restore Solutions News - August 2021

Restore Solutions News - August 2021

After our awesome success from our Structural Drying & Mould Remediation Course in Mackay earlier this month, we are off to Mackay again (31 August - 3 September) to flood the Coach 8 house for a second time in 30 days. Jerermy Stamkos will also be there to teach everyone about mould investigation. Listen to what our attendees had to say - click here.

You can follow us each day of the course via the ACRA Facebook page and/or YouTube channel. 

Our customers are really loving our Drymatic Heat Drying products, as they have been 'blowing' off the shelves this winter.


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How a Hydroxyl Works

Reducing the viral contamination in occupied spaces and risk of cross-contamination. The hydroxyls generated will destroy bacteria, viruses, mould, allergens and odour from the air. SHOP HERE