Protox Odour Free – removes smells completely

Protox Odour Free – removes smells completely

Protox Odour Free is an effective remedy for removing bad odours, especially on "soft" surfaces like upholstered furniture, textiles (shoes, sportswear etc.), blankets, etc but can be used on all surfaces

Protox Odour Free can also be used to clean waste containers.It is a professional odour detergent based on a combination of chemical and biological odour remediation. The product catches and holds the odours and the microorganisms break down the bad smells.

Application is easy, wet cleaning is preferred so wet the a prior to applying the product, agitate the affected area where possible and then leave the area damp for 24 hours or longer, it is that simple.  The longer the solution is left wet on the affected areas the longer it can continue to break down the offending odours. The key is that the Odour Free is applied to wet material and the material/carpet has soaked it in.

Protox Odour Free contains no fragrances and therefore does not "overdo" the bad odour, but the composition of the product causes the odours to be encapsulated and degraded by the microorganisms. These microorganisms ensure a long-lasting effect preventing smells from returning as long as possible.

Protox Odour Free is effective against a wide variety of odours like urine (dog, cat or human), tobacco smoke, sweat and "waste", even butyric acid is degraded by this product.