Drymatic Restoration Package #1

$22,000.00 $25,850.00
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  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1
  • Drymatic Restoration Package #1

Drymatic Restoration Package #1

$22,000.00 $25,850.00

SAVE $$ and get 1 Drymatic II and its 4 Adaptor Kits, 4 Boost Bars and 4 Adapter Kits , lots of mats and connectors all listed below. Our Biggest and Most Popular Kit Available

  • For building or restoration companies that dry water damage buildings
  • The Drymatic Products work in all climates in Australia and New Zealand
  • Drymatic is the leading drying system of the future.
  • The Drymatic system is saving insurance companies millions of dollars in repairs.
  • Unlike conventional drying this system works every time.
  • With the Drymatic product you are drying materials you never thought possible.

The best way to start!

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    • Quiet, Intelligent & Energy-Efficient
    • Heat & Air Exchange to Optimise Drying Conditions
    • Operate in Neutral or Negative Pressure
    • Excels in Class 4 Drying Situations
    • Flexible System with a Range of Attachments
    • Stackable Roto-moulded double skinned housing/body
    • Weight is only 25 kgs
    • Portable, plug into a 10Amp Power Outlet (no gas or diesel required)
    • Touch-safe Heater Outlet
    • Quick-fix hose connection
    • Wheels for easy manoeuvrability
    • Significantly reduces the drying life cycles
    • Enhance your Experience with the 7 Port Adaptor Kit – turn your Drymatic II into a Push/Pull cavity drying system!

    Which includes 3 x grey hoses, 1 x Foil hose, 4 x roto-moulded screw in connections, 4 x Jubilee clips and a sturdy hose bag




    Recirculation Mode

    The area is continuously heated up until either a temperature or humidity limit is reached.

    During Recirculation Mode the Drymatic II takes air in from the Room Intake, moves it through the machine to measure Temp and RH and then reheats the air to raise ambient temperature. It stays in this mode for a maximum of two hours or until preset conditions are met.

    Exhaust Mode

    Exchanging the warm, humid air with warm, dry replenishment air. The Drymatic II can cycle between these modes to maximize the amount of water removed from the area.

    In Exhaust Mode the Drymatic II takes air in from the Room Intake and purges it straight through the machine to outside via the Outside Exhaust. At the same time the machine takes in replenishment air from an unaffected area (Outside or another room maybe) and heats that air before pushing it in to the drying chamber.

    The default cycle is 2 Hours Recirculation (Reheating) and 8 Hours Exhaust (Purging). We are working on firmware to make these timings programmable by the user as sometimes 8 hours Exhaust is overkill. However it’s better to Exhaust too often than not enough!

    If you want to put the environment under slightly negative pressure the machine can go in the space being dried and you simply leave off the Outside Intake pipe and let the building space breathe naturally.

    There are a number of ways to set the Drymatic II up to suit different situations and the recent launch of further connections expands the range of use further.


    1. The side with the foil heater hose is the Heater Outlet (Heated Air). Next to that is the Room Intake (Air from Drying Chamber)
    2. On the other side of the machine is the Outside Exhaust (Wet Air from Room) and the Outside Intake (Replenishment Air).

    There are two distinct modes of operation, Recirculation and Exhaust.


    The Y-piece splitter allows you to split your airflow into separate chambers/rooms from the Drymatic II. This Y-Piece allows you do duct the controlled heated airflow into 2 areas.

    INCLUDED Y Piece Adaptor 3 x 5m 150mm Hose 3 x Jubilee Clips 1 x 150mm to 150mm Joiner 1 x Carry Bag


    The Exhaust Adaptor allows the Drymatic II exhaust outlet to be reduced from 150mm to 100mm which allows you to exhaust your Drymatic II into a downlight, toilet window vent etc.

    INCLUDED 1 x 150mm to 100 Reducer Adaptor 2 x Jubilee Clips 1 x 6m of 100mm Hose

    Turn your Drymatic II into a Push/Pull cavity drying system using our 7-Port adaptors and hose kit. Create Positive, Negative or Balanced drying regimes by manipulating the number of connections fitted. Controlled heated airflow into kitchen cabinetry, cavity walls, subfloors, ceiling voids and much more.

    INCLUDED 2 x Drymatic II Multi-port Adaptor 38mm 30m of 38mm Hoses 14 x Hose Cuffs 1 x Carry Bag 14 x 38mm to 25mm Connectors and 2.5m of 25mm Hose


    We are pleased to announce the launch of the Drymatic Boost Bar! The Boost Bar is the next generation of the Boost Box; further expanding our ability to deliver targeted heat to wet structure. Drymatic Boost Bar is stackable. The machines roto-moulded chassis allows for stacking in two orientations to give more stability to your equipment whilst in transit.

    Latest technology with the user friendly touch screen Interface. The home screen shows you;

    • Feedback on Air In/Air Off Temperatures
    • Heater Power Readout and Number of Heater Banks Running
    • Machine Status
    • Airflow Detection
    • Hours Run and KWH Meters User Controls
    • Maximum Temperature Limit
    • Current Limiter (for situations where reduced power is available on site)
    • Machine Life Data and Factory Diagnostics Graphical Display
    • Average Temperature Differential by Day
    • Power Consumption by Day

    The Boost Bar also has a pin lock facility, this prevents machine settings being adjusted by homeowners and or others

    The Drymatic Boost Bar can be used with an Air Mover, Drymatic Mat systems, Drymatic 4-Port 100mm Adaptor, Drymatic 12-Port 38mm Adaptor and Drymatic 90deg Adaptor. The Drymatic Range of Adaptors allow you to channel your heated airflow into kitchen cabinetry, cavity walls, subfloors, ceiling voids and much more…

    Drymatic Boost Bar 4-Port Adaptor Kit

    Drymatic Boost Bar’s 4-Port Adaptor gives you the ability to take four separate 100mm channels of airflow to different areas of water damage.

    INCLUDED 4 Port Adaptor 4 x 6m of 100mm Hoses 4 x Jubilee Clip 1 x Carry Bag

    Drymatic Boost Bar 12-Port Adapter Kit

    Using our the 12-Port Adaptor you can take 12 x 38mm outlets and feed them into cavity walls, ceiling voids, kitchen cabinetry and more.

    INCLUDED 12 x 38mm Drymatic Boost Bar Adaptor 30m x 38mm Hose 12 x Plastic Hose Cuffs 1 x Carry Bag

    Drymatic Boost Bar 90° (L Shape) Adaptor Kit

    Drymatic Boost Bar can be fitted with a 90deg Adaptor that either takes the airflow upwards or downwards.

    INCLUDED 4 Port Adaptor 4 x 6m of 100mm Hoses 4 x Jubilee Clip 1 x Carry Bag

    Kitchen Kit 

     INCLUDED 12 x 38mm to 25mm step down connectors and 2.5m of black 25mm hose.


    These floor mats are designed with our legendary heat boost box and a air mover to target dry hard to dry floors. The technology is heating up the mat changing the surface tension of the floor and by breaking the barrier with our warm micro jets this releases the moisture

    Some of the floors that have been successfully saved with this system in record times compared to the traditional systems ( eg air movers and dehumidification) timber floors, concrete, tiles, timber floors under tiles, carpet, underlay, subfloors, even the top down drying of thick wool carpet with felt underlay with a timber subfloor.

    These floor mats come in different sizes and can be joined together the 3×1 meter mat is great for hallways and small areas to target even staircase. One thing you’ll find these are a great noise reduction.