Drymatic Boost Bar 22 Port Adaptor Kit

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  • Drymatic Boost Bar 22 Port Adaptor Kit

Drymatic Boost Bar 22 Port Adaptor Kit

  • Duct heat into small cavities
  • Duct heat under kitchen cupboards
  • Duct heat into insulated walls and ceilings
  • Comes with the Drymatic Accessory Bag
  • Duct heat into Drymatic Mats
This product includes:

Instructional video

Check out the Drymatic Boost Bar Complete Package:

Drymatic Boost Bar 22 Port Injection Kit

Drymatic Boost Bar’s 22 Port Injection Kit gives you the ability to inject energy through 22 ports at 19mm into cavities for optimum drying.

INCLUDED 22 Port Adaptor 60m of 19mm Hoses 22 x cable clips 1 x Carry Bag


Using our the 22-Port Adaptor you can take 22 x 19 mm outlets and feed them into cavity walls, ceiling voids, kitchen cabinetry and more. Boost Bar will limit the air off temperature to the maximum temperature limit selected by the technician to guarantee a safe and controlled drying environment. If the temperature limit is reached the Boost Bar will automatically ramp down its heater power to minimise energy usage.

The Drymatic Range of Adaptors allows you to channel your heated airflow into kitchen cabinetry with the Kitchen Kit by drilling 28mm hole, cavity walls, subfloors, ceiling voids and much more… Check out our YouTube channel for instructions.

Check out the Drymatic Boost Bar complete package