Aqua Helix by Prochem

  • Aqua Helix by Prochem
  • Aqua Helix by Prochem
  • Aqua Helix by Prochem

Aqua Helix by Prochem

The Prochem Aqua Helix High Volume Extraction Tool with patented Systolic Vector Performance (SVP) Technology™. The SVP Technology provides the deep extraction performance of a ride-on extractor in an easy to transport, light-weight package. This advanced design and superior extraction means you can get the job done quicker keeping costs down. Double your extraction performance with two extraction tools for half the price of a single ride-on extractor.


Superior Deep Extraction Recovery Rates
SVP Technology Provides the Performance of a Big, Heavy, and Slow Ride-on Extractor in a Light-weight, Quick, Easy to Store, and Cost Effective Tool

Time Savings
Cut Deep Extraction Time by Up to 33%, Getting the Job Drier Quicker

Space Saving Design Allows you to Carry More Drying Equipment in your Vehicles. Light-Weight and Easy to Transport Between Job Sites. Quick Adjust Handle for Comfort and Multi-Point Handle for Easy Operation.

Cost Savings
Costs 75% Less than a Ride-on Extractor Yet Provides Equal Performance - Operate Multiple Tools at Once to Reduce Extraction Times even Further

Clear Housing 
Provides Immediate Feedback on Water Removal Rate

Virtually Maintenance Free
No Electrical Components to Break Down

Maximum Maneuverability
Easy to Use in Tight Spaces and Under Obstacles

Simple to Setup
No Fear of Causing Secondary Damage During Use or Setup & Tear Down

Powerful Water Removal
Pulls Water from Surrounding Areas such as Transitions and Walls

Extremely Efficient
Maximum Water Extraction with Portables as well as Truckmounts