You breathe 20,000 times a day – but how healthy is the air in your home?

It might seem that the air inside your home is healthy, but is it really? In most homes it’s a cocktail of odour molecules, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds.

In fact, the air in your home can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. 

Outside your home, the air contains atmospheric hydroxyls that are produced naturally by the sun’s ultra-violet rays. These are radical molecules that grab onto harmful particles and destroy them, continually cleansing the air and surfaces. Yet inside your home the level of hydroxyls is zero due to the absence of ultra – violet light.

OHAir® technology changes all that.


OHAir® My Space OHAir® Architect
Features OHAir® My Space Is a portable system designed to work in home, office or automotive applications. OHAir® Architect is design to be installed in or on the wall or ceiling. It can be customised to fit any décor.
Dimensions 330 (l) x 110 (w) x 290 (h) [mm] 325 (l) x 300 (w) x 74 (h) [mm]
AC 110 – 240V 110 – 240V
DC 12 – 24V 12 – 24V

Maximum Power

45W 45W
Colour Options White, Dark Grey, Red and Blue White and facia plate (for custom finishes)

Typical size room

3 [m] radius (depending on use and conditions of the room) 40 [m3] (depending on use and conditions of the room)
Noise level 32-38dbA @ 1m 32-38dbA @ 1m
Weight 3.8kg 5.1kg

User Interface

Wifi and NFC Architect WiFi (coming soon)