Trotec TTK 655 Dehumidifier

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  • Trotec TTK655 Dehumidifier
  • Trotec TTK655 Dehumidifier
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  • Close up of front grill on Trotec TTK655
  • Pump out hose on Trotec TTK655
  • Protective cover for Trotec TTK655 Dehumidifier
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Trotec TTK 655 Dehumidifier

Sold out
  • High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures 5 °C
  • Maximum dust and dampness protection for all electrical components
  • Very easy to maintain construction
  • Optimal handling
  • Washable pre-filters
  • Portable and easily stored anywhere thanks to its rotary compressor
  • Practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport
  • Stackable with equally dimensioned models
  • Tried and tested German industrial design – protected prototype
  • 56.4 litres at 26.7 degrees and 60% relative humidity
  • 43.2 litres at 20 degrees and 60% relative humidity
  • 20.4 litres at 10 degrees and 60% relative humidity
  • Includes pump out with a 10m clear hose 

The superlative of the Trotec standard series

Normal at Trotec, but still far from being the norm – The top model from our commercial dehumidifier standard series is truly outstanding in comparison with the competition:

The TTK 655 S can condense up to 150 litres per day. That is more than 6 litres per hour! This is made possible by perfect cooperation of high-performance heat exchange and fan system which can circulate and dehumidify airflow rates of 1,000 m³/h.

Watch our video below on how to setup the handle on the Trotec TTK 655.

                    Relative Humidity
   60%    80%

5°C    16.8 litres    24 litres
10°C    20.4 litres    36 litres
15°C    30 litres    51.6 litres
20°C    43.2 litres    64.8 litres
25°C    54 litres    84 litres
26.7°C    56.4 litres
30°C    64.8 litres    96 litres
35°C    72 litres    102 litres

The powerful 1.9 kW compressor ensures a high dehumidification capacity in large rooms, even at room temperatures below 10 °C – and the high-quality hot gas automatic defrost of the TTK 655 S guarantees a much more efficient dehumidification performance without pausing on a time interval during which no dehumidification occurs.

"Dry-ve time music" – listen to it play...
Use it for construction drying today and clearing water damage tomorrow – common changes of location and use in rough construction site conditions are no problem for this condenser dryer:

The rotary compressor of the TTK 655 S not only makes it possible to transport it anywhere, but it also allows you to start the dehumidifier immediately after positioning.

Transport is quick and easy thanks to the ergonomic construction and carriage design with a bar handle and large wheels. Uneven terrain and stairs are no problem. And the non-marking rubber wheels of the TTK 655 S leaves no marks on your floorboards or other sensitive undergrounds.

To prevent hazardous dust or moisture from gathering on the electronics, not only the electronic components of the dehumidifier but also all other components of the TTK 655 S are safely enclosed and attractively combined in the tried and tested German industrial design – protected prototype.


Clearly arranged control panel – protected by protective bars. (1)

The serial operating hours counter of the TTK 655 S commercial dehumidifier is optionally available as a dual counter for operating and kilowatt-hours. (2)

A special enclosure reliably protects the TTK 655 S dehumidifier electronics from dangerous inclusions. (3)

Two stacking grooves make it possible to stably stack equally sized TTK S commercial dehumidifiers to save space. (4)

A powerful condensate pump with a pump performance of up to 50 m distance and a maximum pump height of 4 m is also available for permanent drying with the TTK 655 S. This can be used to permanently drain condensation from whole stories of buildings. (5)


COMMERCIAL DEHUMIDIFIERS OF THE TTK-S SERIES The new standard class – top of the class.

Robust metallic housing, strong rotary compressors, low-maintenance construction, high airflow rate and wide range of usable temperatures: Whether for use in a workshop, in construction, in storage or in a laboratory – the portable, commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK S series are the perfect drying aggregates for changing applications, even in rough conditions.

With the pioneering TTK S commercial dehumidifiers, you can now benefit from a variety of detailed solutions which save you time, enhance your performance and secure value retention – attractively combined in the tried and tested German industrial design – protected prototype.

Also protected – from dust and dampness, that is – are all electrical components of the devices. A special enclosure improves the protection of the electronic equipment from anything dangerous which may enter and impair the functionality and durability. This enclosure makes the commercial dehumidifier predestined for use in harsh conditions.

Due to its extremely low-maintenance construction, the new TTK S generation is easier to clean than ever before and due to its low power to weight ratio and its clever mobility features, it is easy to transport.

Nevertheless, in terms of dehumidification capacity, these dryers are no lightweights: The entire heat exchange system made of high-quality components was designed to work in harmony and guarantees the maximum drying efficiency of the devices in all temperature ranges – for example, even under 15 °C in unheated rooms.

Furthermore, compared with other defrost systems, the high-quality hot gas automatic defrost guarantees a much more efficient dehumidification performance without defrost pauses on a time interval during which no defrosting occurs!

Even in the storage, these commercial dehumidifiers make a good impression – while taking up surprisingly little space. Because they are equipped with two practical stacking grooves on their tops, equally sized TTK S devices can be safely stacked to save space during transport and storage.

Benefits in practice TTK 655 S:

  • Has non-colouring solid rubber tires
  • Allows for easy transport with the trolley design
  • Maximum dust and moisture protection for all electrical components
  • Practice optimized German industrial design
  • Multi stackability - even better handling property
  • Belongs to the maintenance-friendly TTK-S series of all time
  • Operating hours counter

Features and Benefits of the TTK 655 S dehumidifier:

  • Dehumidification performance / 24 h max: 150 litres
  • Operating range temperature: 5°- 32°C
  • Operating range humidity: 32 to 100 % RH
  • Airflow rate: 1000 m³/h (588 CFM)
  • Functioning principle: refrigerative dryer
  • Automatic defrost mode: hot gas
  • Refrigerant: R-410a / 1,050 g
  • GWP factor: 2,088
  • Co2 equivalent: 2.19 t
  • Input voltage: 230V (50Hz)
  • Power input max: 2.5 kW
  • Nominal current: 11.4 A
  • Sound level dBA: 56
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Length: 530 mm
  • Width: 610 mm
  • Height: 1135 mm

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      Technical data
      General information
      Article number
      Dehumidification performance
      At 20 °C / 60 % RH [l/24h] 43.2
       AHAM At 26.7 °C / 60 % RH [l/24h] 56.4
      At 30 °C / 80 % RH [l/24h] 96
      Max. [l/24h] 150
      Amount of air
      Stage Max. [m³/h] (cfm) 1000 (588)
      Recommended room size construction drying
      class 2 2.4m ceiling-high 27
      Recommended room size dry keeping
      Surrounding Conditions
      Min. temperature range [°C] 5
      Max. temperature range [°C] 32
      Min. humidity range [% RH] 32
      Max. humidity range [% RH] 100
      Electrical values
      Mains connection 230 V/50 Hz
      Nominal current consumption [A] 8.7
      Power input [kW] 1.9
      Recommended fusing [A] 16
      Rotary piston compressor SE
      Reciprocating piston compressor NA
      Type of cooling agent R410A
      Amount of cooling agent [g] 1,050
      GWP factor 1,774
      CO2 equivalent [t] 2.31
      Suction Side pressure [MPa] 1.2
      Discharge Side Pressure [MPa] 4.2
      Sound values
      Distance 1 m [dB(A)] 56
      Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 485
      Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 605
      Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 810
      (packaging excluded) [kg] 55