Meet our Curtain Wall Range

Meet our Curtain Wall Range

Are you working on a drying job but only part of the room is affected?
Are you drilling into a wall and want to protect the rest of the room from dust and dirt?
Are you renovating but only work one one side of the house?

Curtain-Wall has developed an easy and effective way to deal with all that.

Curtain-Wall offers a whole selection of dust barriers that stops dust, dirt and drafts going to places it is not supposed to. They offer room partitions which allow work being done in one part of a room while the other part stays clean and dust free during refurbishments, renovations and maintenance work.

What is Curtain-Wall?

Curtain-Wall allows you to build containments with false walls out of plastic and poles. This comes in handy when you have got a water damage job to fix but only part of the room is affected or if you can’t avoid dust but want to protect the rest of the building or room.

You basically can cut any room in half by setting up a plastic wall held up with poles.

It is very quick to set up and does not involve messy tapes and plastic bits nor will the paint get damaged.


Curtain-Wall has developed really strong telescopic poles to hold up their false walls. They are spring loaded to lock the plastic into place and extend up to 5.5m. 

At the end of the poles are rubber stoppers with little ring tops that go on to the ceiling. The ring top connects to a header bar and has two hooks to connect the plastic sheeting to either side.




The poles hold up flame retardant sheeting that is connected through the hooks. After the plastic has been mounted, it just rolls down to the ground and the first part of the wall has been erected.

Once it rolls down to the bottom it can actually be clipped off which keeps everything nice and neat.

Then smaller clips go on to the side of the poles to clip the two overhanging plastic sheets together.

You get two 90cm headers with the plastic sheets. You can also buy the sheets separately so you can replace them in case they wear out or rip.



Curtain-Wall sets also come with very durable and high-quality PrimaCover zippers. A handy knife helps with putting the zipper up. All this is included in our Pro-Kit.


Our Zip-Up zippers are very useful if a job takes some time and the wall will be sitting there for a while.

These zippers are a little bit stronger, last a very long time and are reusable.

Curtain-Wall Zip-Up Set



You also get this PrimaCover tape which is unreal. It is about the same stickiness as a blue masking painters tape but it is plastic, very strong and even stretchable. On a good painted surface, it won’t pull the paint off.


Restore Solutions also offers a stronger cloth tape in case you have to fix something really heavy. 



The Pro-Kit also includes two really sturdy accessory bags with really strong zippers which do not rip. It is big enough to hold all the bits and pieces together, the zippers, tapes, and clips. 

Curtain-Wall Duffel Bag

The smaller accessory bag is convenient for storing and transporting accessories with pockets inside and out for storing small tools.

Curtain-Wall Accessory Bag



Our favourite starter kit is the very easy to use Curtain-Wall Pro Kit.  It comes with 7 poles and 6 different size headers. You also get two big, convenient canvas bags to store all the accessories.

Here the list in detail:

  • 7x telescopic pole (height 170 - 400cm)
  • 2x header 90cm incl. flame retardant sheeting (400cm)
  • 2x header 120cm incl. flame retardant sheeting (400cm)
  • 2x header 150cm incl. flame retardant sheeting (400cm)
  • 2x duffel bag
  • 1 small accessory
  • 28x sleeve clip
  • 7x multi clamp
  • PrimaCover zippers
  • Zip-Up zippers

You can actually mix and match parts when you buy with us, choosing the sheet width and the poles suitable for your job.



Here is a 1.5 minute video showing you how easy the Curtain-Wall products are to install. This video is explaining and showing you exactly how to set it up.



Restore Solutions also stocks the Curtain-Wall Curtain Door Kit which includes a 120cm header with two of the Zip-Up zippers already attached to the plastic. So everything is ready to go.

It is equally easy to make your own zipper door in different sizes by using a header, poles and the specific door zipper.

We at Restore Solutions offer a wide range of Curtain-Wall signature products for the Australian market. Head over to the product section now and have a look around.


It has been a fantastic product for us. The people that have got it are coming back for more and more and we are finding that there are no complaints so far.

Garry Carroll, Director, Restore Solutions