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“We believe in teaching hands on training techniques that can be used in your everyday business; giving you on-the-job confidence and the knowledge you need to accelerate your business and earnings potential.”  — Garry Carroll & Lorelle McCulloch


Product Training Excellence

At Restore Solutions, we go beyond product sales; we empower you with the knowledge to optimise your equipment. Our commitment to your success is reflected in comprehensive training resources for each product, featuring manuals, quick guides, setup videos, and more under the Resources or Video tabs. Dive into a wealth of information and training videos available on our dedicated YouTube channels. Elevate your equipment into a skilled team member with our extensive training support.

Explore, Learn, Succeed.


Online Community Hub

Forge stronger connections in your journey to mastery! Our thriving online community on Facebook is a space where customers converge to share valuable insights, job progress, equipment setup tips, and more. Join a network where peers seek advice, unveil creative problem-solving strategies, and provide encouragement. Elevate your expertise and be part of a community that fosters growth and success.

Connect, Share, Thrive.


Unlock Your Potential with Online Training

Embark on a transformative learning experience with our comprehensive online training courses introduced in 2023. From carpet cleaning to restoration, workplace health and safety, and beyond, our courses are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business and technicians. 

Key Features:

  • Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, adapting training to fit your business schedule and technician availability.
  • Modular Structure: Dive into well-organised modules that can be revisited for deeper understanding, ensuring optimal knowledge absorption.
  • Device Accessibility: Access training materials from any device with an internet connection, offering convenience and adaptability.
  • Progress Tracking: Effortlessly pick up where you left off, with your progress automatically saved after each interaction.


Online Certifications:

Get certified in cleaning and restoration through the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy. Incredible discounts for companies wishing to certify more than one technician. Discounts are also offered to those who have attended in person workshops.


Assessment for Growth:

Elevate your expertise with our meticulously designed multiple-choice assessments. Seamlessly integrated with the training modules, these assessments provide valuable insights into knowledge gaps, guiding business owners and technicians to focus on areas that demand further development.

Transform your learning journey. Evolve with Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy.

Knowledge Unleashed, Expertise Elevated.  



Visit our YouTube Channels for all of our training videos: 

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 Here are our other products channels:

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Aerial Australia YouTube Channel Heylo Australia YouTube Channel Gann Australia YouTube Channel



With over 30 years in the cleaning and restoration industry Garry Carroll has developed his expertise and knowledge base through training and his personal desire to embrace new technology and cleaning and restoration techniques.

We also support and promote the IICRC training. Our courses complement the training you receive through the IICRC.   


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