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Hi Garry & Lorelle

I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for all your support in the last 12 months.

I know that the significant/crazy increase in our turnover is due to the ongoing support and help from people like you both!

Hope you’ve had just as successful FY and look forward to it all continuing!


Wonderful to see you sharing your Industry knowledge with other Water Damage technicians.

I appreciate your knowledge and training expertise that I have followed over the 20+ years that I have known you and Lorelle.

Even though I am now retired, I still follow Restore Solutions to see the good you are doing for the Industry.


Just wanted to say thank you. I love your carpet & upholstery range of chemicals. They really work & the clients speak highly. Thank you once again”


Got the chance to utilise and test out the Drymatic Heat Drying Australia system with the help of Garry Carroll over the last week in the aid to save a clients wood floor.

In only 6 days, the WME has gone from 25.3% back to dry standard @ 9.1%. The owner is over the moon as their tenant has been displaced for only 7 days from calling us, to their tenant shifting back in.

Saved them quite a bit of money as their insurance only covered rehousing the tenant for the equivalent of 2 days due to being under insured. Will be adding more of these to my arsenal shortly.


Drymatic Heat Drying equipment has been a fantastic addition to our business. Being able to offer more specialised drying sets us apart from other businesses in our area. Not only that the staff love its ease of use and the customers love how quickly, quietly and effectively the products operate. I Would highly recommend implementing to anyone serious about restoration.


Garry has helped me more than any other supplier has. During water damage jobs he has conducted video calls to assist me in setting up the equipment. I cannot fault his after sales service and the equipment he sells is innovative and very effective. So much so I have stopped buying LGR dehumidifiers in favour of Drymatic heat drying equipment as it is so much more effective. Thanks Garry.


In early 2012, we completed the installation & finishing of 120 sqm of T & G Red Iron Bark over ply.

Within a week the floor was flooded from an extreme rain event. Garry Carroll was onsite with Drymatic, Drymatic Boost boxes & Drymatic Mats, the site looked like a sci-fi movie. The floor was successfully dried then sanded & polished.

Since then I have lost count of how many timber floors that have been saved and refinished and are still in service, which is the greatest testimonial for Drymatic Equipment.

Since 2012 I have been using equipment supplied by Garry Carroll to restore water damaged timber floors. We have restored Red Iron Bark, Spotted Gum, Blackbutt, Brushbox, to name a few of the popular ones. We have restored all the popular timber flooring species installed directly to concrete, over ply, over chipboard and on battens. Including parquetry and even trowel glued engineered over concrete. If the floor has been installed to a high standard using quality products Drymatic equipment can save it when disaster strikes.

Drymatic Equipment, hated by timber merchants. Loved by Floor sanders
Drymatic Equipment, restorations made easy.

Not all flood damaged floors need to be removed.
I have sanded & polished many Hardwood floors saved by drying equipment.
The latest Drymatic equipment & training makes restoration fast, efficient and easy.

Tim McIntyre from Moreton’s Flooring (ATFA Member)

I want to give my thanks to Garry Carroll and Lorelle McCullouch on attending ATFA trade nights, golf days and his time in promoting the heat target drying range with Drymatic.

With my background in ATFA installing timber flooring, Sanding, Sealing and restoration I have come across many wet timber floors in the past which always had the thoughts that if a timber floor had become wet it was a throw away item and needed replacing.

Now Drymatic has come to my attention through many drying courses, coaching and developments I have purchased many heat target drying set up’s to dry out flooded timber floors to the point where they are completely to a neutral dry standard and further resanded and resealed the timber floors back to its original pristine


The Drymatic heat target drying systems have taken my business to a new level and direction.

David Dobinson from Fusion Floors (ATFA Member)

There are instances where the drying of a water affected floor should be considered. This is particularly so when water damage is localised and with higher value floors, where there can be difficulty in matching the appearance of new flooring to the existing.

Technical Manager for the Australian Timber Flooring Association


I was talking to a colleague in the restoration industry who suggested I contact Gary Carroll and have a chat. Since then I have flown up twice to his training courses, bringing my manager up with me the second time, as well as invested in the Drymatic equipment. Gary really walks the walk as well as talking the talk. We have been delighted with the results that we are getting with the Drymatic system and even more importantly in the support that we have received from Gary. If you are serious about doing restoration right I suggest that you pick up the phone and give Gary a call


Having invested a fare amount of money into Drymatic we at Accredited are extremely satisfied with the product & service we have received from Gary & Lorelle. The after sales service had been second to none. Well done guys.


I used the Drymactic system in concrete floor with fantastic result. Others area of application is wet chipboard floor again fantastic result. The team at Drymactic Australia provide great support and training on their products.


Thanks to drymatic and Garry we were able to save a clients wooden floor which otherwise would have needed to be ripped out. The client had severe allergies so she was extremely happy with the system and the ease of which everything was able to be restored. Not only did Garry spend his Saturday training us to set up and use the system but he also helped us carry the gear up 5 levels using only the stairs, as the lift was out of action. I would highly recommend Garry and drymatic for anyone requiring specialised drying equipment. The training and knowledge is second to none.


I have found Garry’s training and knowledge one of the best,when I need help he is their anytime of the day or night and week end,the Drymatic heat drying has been so good for my business to help dry out walls and wooden flooring, my customers are happy with the results we are getting thanks Garry for all your help.


We have been using the heat drying equipment from DBK for the past 15months. Trial and error has been a large part of the learning along with the course DBK Australia with Garry Carroll provided. Success is measured in the materials and ability of drying different and more challaging situations. Great innovations from the team at DBK and have no problems recommending if you are getting into restoration


The Drymatic range of heat drying equipment has been a fantastic asset to our business. Whether it is adding heat to make other equipment such as LGR dehumidifiers more effective, using the mats to channel the energy directly to the wet materials or utilising the Drymatic II to control the temperature and humidity in the drying chamber.