PROTOX SC20 Fire Remediation Chemical

  • Protox SC20 Fire Remediation Chemical
  • Protox SC20 Fire Remediation Chemical

PROTOX SC20 Fire Remediation Chemical

  • Environmentally-friendly fire damage chemical
  • Can be used on all water-resistant surfaces
  • Is particularly effective on hard surfaces such as metals, plastics, ceramics and most lacquered surfaces
  • Can be used on sensitive surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets and clothes, but then requires that the surfaces be rinsed with water after cleaning

Protox SC20 is suitable for fire damage remediation and is also effective in removing soot, grease, and other types of soiling. Protox SC20 is designed specifically for cleaning-up after fire damage however can also be used to remove oil and fats from all types of water-resistant surfaces.

Protox SC20 is specially developed for fire remediation, but has a wide range of uses and can also be used in concentrate for cleaning graffiti. Protox SC20 is climate neutral and has been developed as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative completely without solvents and with a lower pH than market alternatives. It can be applied by hand, high pressure cleaning or foam application.


When treated with Protox Encapsulator, the mould is not removed, but encapsulated and rendered harmless. A visual inspection of the treated area could, therefore, lead to the erroneous assessment of an active mould attack. It is therefore important that the owner/user of the property receives documentation of what treatment has been done, by whom, when and with what product.

Dilution: Fire damage remediating: 5-10%, Degreasing: 2-5%, Surface cleaning: 1-2%

Applicating temperature: 20-50°C

Application: Apply with brush, sponge or cloth and let the Protox SC 20 solution work for about 5 minutes. Rub the surfaces thoroughly and rinse with water. High pressure cleaner/foam cleaning: apply a thin layer of foam/cleaning solution starting from the bottom up.


Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of production. See date marking elsewhere on the packaging.