TROTEC Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit

$1,980.00 $2,315.50
  • Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit
  • Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit
  • Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Kit Box Photo
  • Trotec T510 Moisture Meter
  • Trotec T660 Moisture Meter
  • Trotec T210 Thermohygrometer
  • Trotec TP7 Pyrometer
  • Trotec TS060 Electrode
  • Trotec Ram in Electrode
  • Trotec TS070 Electrode tips 60mm Teflon insulated
  • Trotec Replacement electrode tips
  • TROTEC Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit
  • TROTEC Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit

TROTEC Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit

$1,980.00 $2,315.50
  • Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Kit contains all the essential moisture/climate measuring instruments!
  • Includes 4 high quality meters plus accessories
  • Individual meters allows multiple users measuring at once
  • Includes a sturdy protective carry case
  • Save $$$ over buying separately

The Technician 3 in 1 kit is a great kit for those business just starting out or expanding into the restoration field.  The meters and accessories allow you and your staff to record all the data required by insurance assessors and other clients.

Great beginners’ kit or secondary kit for larger restoration firms with multiple vehicles on the road.

The kit has all the essential meters to record and report on your job site conditions.

The four meters include the Trotec T210 Thermohygrometer which measures air temperature and relative humidity allowing you to check if conditions are optimal for your dehumidifier and heat drying equipment.

Next the Trotec T510 Moisture meter when used with the supplied TS 060 Hand Electrode or the TS 070 Ram-in Electrode allow you to check moisture levels in a wide variety of materials.  There is also further probes available in the accessories tab to increase the capabilities of this meter.

For measuring near-surface up to 4cms in depth there is the Trotec T660 Moisture meter, great for concrete slabs and other dense materials where pin probes cannot penetrate or where you need to measure without damaging the surface.

And finally there is the TP7 Dual Laser Temperature gun which is powerful but easy to use.  It allows you to check the surface temperature of materials and help you determine when and where you need to raise temperatures which can accelerate the drying process by increasing the evaporation potential.

More information can be found on any of the above by clicking on the individual products links.

The Trotec Technician 3 in 1 Moisture Detection Kit includes: 

Trotec T210 Thermohygrometer

The T210 thermohygrometer from the MultiMeasure Professional series. With this thermohygrometer you can measure the air temperature (°C, °F) and the relative humidity.


Trotec T510 Moisture Meter

The T510 is a professional hand-held measurement unit for determining exact wood and material humidity levels using the resistance method.

Trotec T660 Moisture Meter

The T660 is ideally suited for the quick, non-destructive determination of moisture distribution in near-surface areas to about 4 cm. 

TP 7 Infrared Temperature Gun

Our basic kit also includes a temperature gun. An infrared temperature gun is going to be able to detect the surface temperature of your materials.

TS 060 Hand Electrode

We also include a hand-held pin probe with non-insulated pins included. We have a lot of different sizes and you can connect them into the top and run a cable from there to the actual T3000 and then you’ve got a pin meter to check, from timber to walls through to carpet.

TS 070 Ram-In Electrode

We also include a good quality hammer probe. Start hammer probing into framing or into your timber floors.

With other kits, you often only get a couple of different pins. This kit comes with 10 insulated pins. They are fantastic 60ml long pins and 10 of them are included.

Trotec Silicone Protective Cover for T3000 - 3x
The new silicone case protects valuable Trotec T3000 multifunction measuring device.


Trotec TC 25 Connecting Cables, pair
TS 070 Electrode Tips, 60 mm, Teflon insulated

Replacement Electrode Tips Can
Transport Case II MultiMeasure Series T3000



Download the free version of the software from the Trotec website: MultiMeasure Studio analysis software 2.0 - 607 KB

Or purchase the pro version here MultiMeasure Studio Professional