TROTEC 15F UV Torchlight

  • Trotec 15F UV Torchlight
  • Trotec 15F UV Torchlight
  • Trotec 15F UV Torchlight with attached filter
  • Filter for Trotec 15F that removes visible light

TROTEC 15F UV Torchlight

  • Ultra-compact hand lamp with very high point-light irradiance
  • Extremely flexible thanks to stepless focusable UV-A radiation cone from spotlight to floodlight!
  • Great for detecting Urine damage in carpet


Infinitely focusable UV-A Hand Lamp from spotlight to floodlight

This lightweight LED torch provides maximum UV-A performance immediately after switch-on and is especially suited for quick inspections or checks of poorly accessible areas.

Thanks to the high spotlight radiation intensity of the UV‑Torchlight 15F, a high fluorescence stimulation can be achieved – this way, even minor tracers are clearly visible in the daylight.

Its high illumination flexibility makes the ultra compact UV‑Torchlight 15F a universally applicable tracer detector for various investigation tasks.

In contrast to conventional UV torches, the UV‑Torchlight 15F can not only be used in spotlight mode:

An integrated focus ring enables the infinitely variable regulation of the UV-A radiation cone from spotlight to floodlight. This variable focal length adjustment allows a very wide range of applications of the UV Torch Light 15F.

Whether spot light with maximum fluorescence excitation or flood light for a quick examination of larger areas – with just a twist of the focus ring of this ultra compact UV-A hand lamp you always have the optimum light intensity for each task.

Our accessory tip:

In addition to its maximum radiation of 365 nm, the UV‑Torchlight 15F also emits a small quantity of visible light, which can be an advantage particularly for leak detection in poorly lit areas.

But since this white light component may cause overexposure at short distances, particularly when used for material testing, the UV‑Torchlight 15F can be equipped with a filter which filters out all visible light and thus makes sure that the test object is only hit by UV-light in the spectral range around 365 nm.

Accessories for tracer detection :

The test objects can either be sprayed with a tracer aerosol, dipped into a tracer liquid or dusted with a tracer powder.

Suitable tracers are, for example, water soluble uranin powder or Trotec luminate, an eleven percent anionic watery pigment dispersion which can be diluted but without metabolising itself. This is a big advantage when looking for leaks on green roofs or when trying to locate leaking, concealed water carrying drains or pipes.

Trotec luminate is a high yield product. Because the Trotec luminate pigments are only 0.5 µm in size, they are able to permeate even the smallest capillaries. Trotec luminate can be diluted in a ratio of 0.3 to 3 %.

Attention! The marking agents uranin and luminat are not appropriate as food colouring!

General information
Article number 3.510.011.007
UV lamps
Wavelength UV-A, Peak bei 365 nm
Lamp lifetime Approx. 6,000 h
Radiation intensity (at a distance of 38 cm) – radiation cone XL, Ø 250 mm 2,890 µW/cm²
Radiation intensity (at a distance of 38 cm) – radiation cone L, Ø 150 mm 10,030 µW/cm²
Radiation intensity (at a distance of 38 cm) – radiation cone M, Ø 100 mm 22,560 µW/cm²
Radiation intensity (at a distance of 38 cm) – radiation cone S, Ø 60 mm 38,420 µW/cm²
Radiation intensity (at a distance of 38 cm) – LED spotlight Ø 30 mm 55,480 µW/cm²
Start-up time < 1s
Lamp type LED
Generator unit
UV light
Device control
Push buttons
Housing design
Type of protection
Operating time
> 2 h
Power supply
Internal (battery) – Integrated
Internal (battery) Integrated
(packaging excluded) [kg] 0.232