Heylo Dust Control Door DCD-3.0

  • HeyLo Dust Control Door DCD-3.0
  • HeyLo Dust Control Door DCD-3.0
  • HeyLo DCD 3.0 Setup
  • PVC sheeting fitted onto DCD-3.0 Dust Control Door
  • Air Ventilator used with HeyLo DCD-3.0 Dust Control Door
  • HeyLo DCD-3.0 Base Element
  • PVC Foil for Dust Control Door
  • HeyLo Transport Bag for DCD-3.0

Heylo Dust Control Door DCD-3.0

  • Stop dust and dirt during refurbishments, renovations, and maintenance work
  • Conforms to the regulations governing fine particulates 
  • Basic-door-element
  • PVC-sheets incl. adhesives, transport bag

If you want to remove dust quickly and safely from your working area during restoration work and you want to protect other parts of the building, the dust control system DCS is exactly what you need.

The main part is Dust Protection Door DCD-3.0 - for quick and safe sealing of doors between the working or dirty area and the white area. On account of the dust extraction opening in the door element of the dust protection door, there are very different combination options which create the HEYLO complete solution against dust on the building site - the dust control system DCS.

Dust bags of M class can be connected to various ventilators by means of air hoses. When being exposed to hazardous materials mould, asbestos, et cetera), a filter ventilator with Hepa filter can be connected in addition.


  •  easy transport with carrier bag
  •  easy and quick mounting (quick acting closure)
  •  two integrated dust extraction openings
  •  many different combinations possible (from connection of a ventilator to a filter)
  •  high air rate possible
  •  easy cleaning
  • fits door frames between 680 and 830mm (extensions available under accessories)

The Dust Control Door includes:

  • Door base element + 2 x PVC foil incl. velcro fastener + transport bag


1 x Door base element

2 x PVC foil incl. velcro fastener

Transport bag