Re-U-Zip Ultra Clear +Barrier Panel

  • Re-U-Zip Ultra Clear +Barrier Panel
  • Re-U-Zip Ultra Clear +Barrier Panel
  • The Re-U-Zip +Barrier Panel is easy to setup and fully see through
  • The Re-U-Zip Ultra Clear +Barrier Panel can be used as a clear wall as well as door
  • Re-U-Zip +Barrier Panel Installation Guide
  • Re-U-Zip +Barrier Panel label

Re-U-Zip Ultra Clear +Barrier Panel


Customize your own reusable door or barrier wall starting with this high visibility, durable, and fire-rated panel! 

  • Premium Quality 16Mil Thickness
  • Fire-Rated NFPA-701
  • Ultra Clear 
  • Easily Wipes Clean
  • Reusable - Cut To Size Panel 5' x 9'

      Finding a barrier option that is both very clear and fire-rated can be difficult. At a time that separation is required, but the feeling of togetherness is desired, we made it a priority to develop this product. RE-U-ZIP  Ultra Clear +Barrier Panels work for entryways up to 5x9ft. Simply cut to size to fit your needs. Utilizing RE-U-ZIP Fastener Strips™ (Sold Separately) your +Barrier Panel™ can be easily adjusted, removed, or replaced.

      Re-U-Zip +Barrier Panel Installation Guide

      *PRO TIPS - Use RE-U-ZIP Fastener Strips™ to conjoin multiple-barrier panels to create custom-sized barrier walls


      Removing Crease Lines in +Barrier Panel:

      You may consider using a steamer, hairdryer, heat gun, or iron.  Start on lower heat and avoid direct contact to prevent damage to the vinyl. When using an iron start on low heat and increase as needed. Do not iron directly onto vinyl. Place a bedsheet or similar type of cloth over the barrier and then apply heat to the protective layer.