TROTEC BD21 Distance Meter - 70m

  • Trotec BD21 Distance Meter - 70m
  • Trotec BD21 Distance Meter - 70m
  • Front view of Trotec BD21
  • Perspective view of Trotec BD21
  • Side view of Trotec BD21
  • Trotec BD21 inside a case.

TROTEC BD21 Distance Meter - 70m

  • Integrated 90° tilt sensor
  • Range of 0.05 m to 70 m
  • Precise measurement of distances, areas and volumes within seconds
  • Dust- and splash-proof (IP54)

With a 90° tilt sensor for manifold laser distance measurements

The advanced distance meter BD21 offers functions and equipment features as standard which are usually restricted to expensive high-class devices: thanks to the integrated 90° tilt sensor with 3-point Pythagoras functions you can not only determine distance, area or volume in a quick and precise way – even height and partial height measurements, distance tracking or indirect distance or height measurements past obstacles do not pose a problem for this handy measuring device, which can further be applied as electronic spirit level.

Despite an extensive functional range, the laser distance meter is extremely easy to handle – every function and setting has a separate button.

Due to the selectable illumination of the large multi-line display, measurements pose no problem no matter if in dark surroundings or daylight.

Designed for indoors usage, the BD21 can also confidently cope with rough situations on construction sites, for the robust measuring device is dust- and splash-proof as per IP54. It is therefore excellently suited for all types of handicraft.

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