OHAir® MySpace Hydroxyl Unit

  • OHAir® MySpace Hydroxyl Unit, Restore Solutions, Australia
  • OHAir® MySpace Hydroxyl Unit, Restore Solutions, Australia
  • OHAir® MySpace Hydroxyl Unit

OHAir® MySpace Hydroxyl Unit

  • Very quiet (can sleep with the Hydroxyl Machine running)
  • Very compact
  • Portable - good for renters
  • Great for all types of odours
  • Works safely in occupied spaces

OHAir® products are Multiple Wavelength UV Irradiation Air Cleaners. Incorporating the scientifically validated Odorox® technology, they generate an ongoing stream of powerful Atmospheric Hydroxyl Radicals that destroy harmful ozone, bacteria, viruses and VOC’s including formaldehyde within your indoor environment.

Harnessing the power of the sun

To date current technologies utilised to clean indoor air have their limitations. OHAir® products are unique, due to the high level of effectiveness and safety they provide to you and your family. 

  • Very quite (can sleep with the Hydroxyl Machine)
  • Very compact
  • Great for all types of odours
  • Works safely in occupied spaces

The OHAir® unit contains a uniquely designed HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit) that operates at specific wavelengths to reproduce the effect of the sun’s ultra-violet light, but inside your house.

This is a bit technical, but this how OHAir® technology works:

  1. A pulse of low-wavelength light from the HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit) interacts with a water molecule in the air (H2O) removing a hydrogen atom resulting in the creation of a hydroxyl molecule consisting of an oxygen and hydrogen atom (OH).
  2. The newly generated hydroxyl is in a dynamic state as it seeks to recover the hydrogen atom from any molecule it interacts with to convert back to a water molecule.
  3. The Constant Stream effect of the OHAir® unit continues the ongoing generation of hydroxyls, spreading them within the air and onto surfaces in the room.
  4. The dynamic nature of the hydroxyl molecule results in the destruction of any bacteria and virus it contacts by penetrating their cell walls and removes any volatile organic chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia by changing their chemical composition.

The Constant Stream effect

Hydroxyls naturally last less than a second as they interact with other molecules. The unique feature of the Odorox® Technology is the continual generation of Hydroxyls through a Constant Stream effect within the room, while not requiring all air to flow through the unit.

“Odorox has changed our life… I would say my son’s life to a better and healthier living. My son “Zach” was born premature at 31 weeks. As I look back, my stress level was to the roof dealing with his condition. He was diagnosed with Chronic Asthma since he was born. At 11 months he was admitted at Alberta Children’s Hospital-ICU. We were at the hospital for the whole month.  That was worst part of my life, seeing my son in that kind of situation where you can’t do anything but pray.  I was so paranoid about my son getting some virus, we stayed at home most of the time during winter. Zach wasn’t able to play with other kids because he was so susceptible to infection.   We continued battling with asthma as medications prescribed were ineffective or predicted to become effective after his taking them for up to a year. In January 2016, an Odorox air purifier was introduced to me and the first night we used that equipment it has changed my son’s life. No colds, no more sleepless nights for him and me and he can play normally with the other kids and that’s priceless. I would highly recommend Odorox to all the mom’s out there that are in the same situation as me.”

Chona Rivera – April 6, 2016

Removes germs and chemicals from the air and surfaces

Most of us aren’t aware that the air in our house is more polluted than it is outside, yet even the cleaning chemicals we use and the material our carpets are made from create volatile organic compounds in the air and on surfaces.

Add to these the virus and bacteria particles introduced whenever someone sneezes or coughs, the mould spores from bathrooms and damp clothes and the odour particles from smelly shoes, and you have a real pea-soup.

OHAir® technology gets rid of all of them.

Sterilises your surfaces

As well as cleaning the air, the OHAir® Constant Stream Effect pours hydroxyls over all the surfaces in the room, destroying bacteria, viruses, mould spores or odour particles clinging to your bench tops, sinks and floors.

Whisper-quiet operation

OHAir® technology is quieter than a typical standing fan or air conditioner, so you’re barely even aware it’s operating.

Power saver

Low power requirement means you can run your OHAir unit 24-hours a day without running up a big electricity bill. It uses about the same amount of power as a 30-watt light bulb.

Reliable long-term operation

As OHAir® technology has few moving parts you can rely on it to keep working day in day out. Approximately every 12 months or so you’ll need to replace the HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit), but this is not an expensive component and you can replace it yourself without a service call.

Elegant and discreet

Both OHAir® units are beautiful examples of industrial design, made to blend into the background of your room.

Simple and cost-effective

OHAir® technology is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your health almost overnight.

Breathing is something we do about 20,000 times a day without even thinking. With OHAir®technology, every one of those breaths will bring clean, pure air into your lungs. It’s going to make a difference to how you feel.

  • Features: OHAir® My Space Is a portable system designed to work in home, office or automotive applications.
  • Dimensions: 330 (l) x 110 (w) x 290 (h) [mm]
  • AC: 110 – 240V
  • DC: 12 – 24V
  • Maximum Power: 45W
  • Colour Options: White, Grey, Red and Blue
  • Typical size room: 3 [m] radius (depending on use and conditions of the room)
  • Noise level: 32-38dbA @ 1m
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • User Interface: Wifi and NFC

“I missed my hydroxyl machines so I bought an OH machine from Garry for my house.
Knowing the benefits of Hydroxyl, I told Maree it was really necessary to have it.  She thought I just liked spending money.
When Maree has cooked bacon and the piggy smell invaded the house, out came the OH machine. Fixed in a couple of hours.
In my retirement I like to cook when we are not caravanning about.
Last week I decided to cook some beetroot so I could bottle it for later.
I put them in a large pot, put the lid on and turned the gas up high.
A mate phoned and Syd decided to go out for coffee. Totally forgot about the beetroot.
Three hours later, when I got home, the bum was just about burnt out of the pot and the beetroot were unrecognisable .
The burnt smell was right through the house.
The OH machine to the rescue.
With all the over head fans on, the odour was gone in 24 hours.   {the over head fans help multiply the OH radicals}

Syd’s recipe for beetroot; better than the canned stuff.
Break off the leaves, boil till soft.
rub off skin with paper towels
slice into thin slices.
place into sealable bottle
fill with Malt Vinegar, 1 teaspoon  of sugar and a fair few whole cloves.
seal and refrigerate.
Taste great”

Syd Thomson – June 9, 2016

You breathe 20,000 times a day – but how healthy is the air in your home?

It might seem that the air inside your home is healthy, but is it really? In most homes it’s a cocktail of odour molecules, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds.

In fact, the air in your home can be 5 to 100 times more polluted than the air outside. 

Outside your home, the air contains atmospheric hydroxyls that are produced naturally by the sun’s ultra-violet rays. These are radical molecules that grab onto harmful particles and destroy them, continually cleansing the air and surfaces. Yet inside your home the level of hydroxyls is zero due to the absence of ultra – violet light.

OHAir® technology changes all that.

OHAir® My Space OHAir® Architect
Features OHAir® My Space Is a portable system designed to work in home, office or automotive applications. OHAir® Architect is design to be installed in or on the wall or ceiling. It can be customised to fit any décor.
Dimensions 330 (l) x 110 (w) x 290 (h) [mm] 325 (l) x 300 (w) x 74 (h) [mm]
AC 110 – 240V 110 – 240V
DC 12 – 24V 12 – 24V

Maximum Power

45W 45W
Colour Options White, Dark Grey, Red and Blue White and facia plate (for custom finishes)

Typical size room

3 [m] radius (depending on use and conditions of the room) 40 [m3] (depending on use and conditions of the room)
Noise level 32-38dbA @ 1m 32-38dbA @ 1m
Weight 3.8kg 5.1kg

User Interface

Wifi and NFC Architect WiFi (coming soon)