Re-U-Zip Dust Barrier Zipper (Starter Kit)

  • Re-U-Zip Dust Barrier Zipper (Starter Kit)
  • Re-U-Zip Dust Barrier Zipper (Starter Kit)
  • Re-U-Zip Starter Kit - Professional Grade Tool with Hook and Loop System
  • Photo of man applying adhesive strip to plastic sheet
  • Photo of man fitting Re-U-Zip zipper to adhesive strip
  • Photo of man pulling off Re-U-Zip zipper from adhesive strip
  • Re-U-Zip Zipper can be rolled up and stored easily.
  • Re-U-Zip accessory bag for easy storage of rolled up zippers
  • Photo of man moving heavy items through the Re-U-Zip dust barrier
  • Comparison table of Re-U-Zip Zipper versus other brands.
  • Re-U-Zip Installation Guide
  • Re-U-Zip features a write-on tab and lockable zippers
  • Photo of Re-U-Zip dust barrier setup inside a residential home
  • Re-U-Zip dust barrier setup on a construction site

Re-U-Zip Dust Barrier Zipper (Starter Kit)

  • Patented Hook and Loop System
  • Jam Proof and Break Resistant
  • High-Grade Adhesive for Reliable Grip
  • Locking Feature (Deter Unwanted Entry)
  • Cost-Effective Per Use
  • Quick and Easy Install
  • Machine Washable
  • Reusable

With our innovative adhesive hook & loop design, it’s easy to install, adjust, remove and reuse dust barrier zippers. Made from durable materials, this eco-friendly solution is designed to improve project efficiency while saving you time and money.

To reduce the potential for liability and job site tampering, the system incorporates a unique lockable design that allows for a chain of custody to be established.

Contents: 1 Heavy Duty Reusable & Lockable Zipper, 2 Disposable Mounting Strips, and 1 Convenient Storage Bag.

Make your next project easier with a RE-U-ZIP Starter Kit today.