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Jeet PXMAX-10010 Series Video Scope

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  • Jeet PXMAX-10010 Videoscope
  • Jeet PXMAX Modular Design


Observation+cleaning to assist efficient work

1080P/720P pixel camera with high brightness light source for clear. Clear view of the inspected object in dark, small or difficult to observe spaces. Match the cleaning function to clean stains/excess objects/miscellaneous while observing,make work more efficiently and quickly.

Jeet PXMAX Features 1

Modular design

The host system and pipeline system can be plugged and separated, compatible with a variety of specifications of the pipeline system, support to customize different pipeline lengths, pipeline thickness, product features, in order to meet the needs of different applications.

Jeet PMAX Features 2


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Diameter (mm):
Image Resolution (Pixels):
720P / 1080P
Tube Length (m):
1.5 / 3.0
Depth of Field (mm):
Field of View:
90° / 120°
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