Heywall Australia Standard kit

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  • Heylo HeyWall Australia Standard Kit
  • Heylo extension system bars
  • Heylo sealing rails
  • Heylo angle adaptor
  • Heylo self-adhesive zipper
  • Heylo quick release adaptor
  • Heylo side clamps
  • Heylo carrying bag
  • Clear plastic roll (80 micrometer)
  • Curtain-Wall Permafix film knife
  • All-in-one tape
  • Cloth tape
  • Blue masking tape


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HEYWALL - The clever dust protection system for subspaces

Need fast and flexible protection against dust during renovations? And without time-consuming masking to cover doors, windows and furniture?

  • Quick and flexible protection against dust with HEYWALL dust control wall
  • For separating walls, ceilings and partial areas
  • Module system - individual modules for different applications
  • No covering or masking of doors, windows and furniture
  • For up to 3.60 m ceiling height
  • Build up in a few minutes
  • Tool-less use and easy to set up without a ladder
  • No post-cleaning
  • No disposal costs

The dust protection wall HEYWALL ensures clean rooms during restoration or renovation work and avoids annoying re-cleaning. The module system includes aluminium poles up to 3.60 m high, which creates a dust-tight barrier due to a foil and a convenient entrance or exit by a self-adhesive zipper (220 cm long). It can be set up as a room divider, in L or U shape or as a polygon. All angles are possible.

HeyWall Dust containment system

The Heylo Restore Solutions Standard Kit includes:


Accessories available for HEYWALL

  • Extendable system bars made of aluminium including head and foot plates: Fix the head and foot plate to the system bar. Clamp the foil into the top plate. Then tighten the system pole to the desired length between floor and ceiling by pulling it out.
  • Sealing rails incl. ceiling clamps: For application on ceilings, use the sealing rail and ceiling clamps; Use sealing rail with side clamp for wall closure.
  • Side clamps: These create a wall closure together with the sealing rails. First, connect the side clamp to the sealing rail. Then connect the sealing rail and the side clamp at the appropriate height to the system bar.
  • Angle adaptor: For fixing the system bars to inclined walls. Screw the angle adapter onto the system bar, and then screw the head plate onto the angle adapter. Then clamp the system bar between the floor and the slant.
  • Self-adhesive zippers: For application on the plastic foil. For easy entry and exit of the construction site. Stick the zipper and cut the film for the passage.
  • Carrying bag: bag with sturdy zipper for stable transport and handling, as well as integrated bag for accessories. Washable surface inside and outside.
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