Drymatic II Y-Piece Adaptor Kit

  • Drymatic II Y-Piece Adaptor Kit
  • Drymatic II Y-Piece Adaptor Kit
  • Drymatic Acccessory Bag

Drymatic II Y-Piece Adaptor Kit

  • Split your intakes for multiple areas to bring down the Relative Humidity more evenly 
  • Split your heater
  • Join you hoses for larger areas
  • Comes with the Drymatic accessory bag

This product includes: 

Instructional video

Check out the Drymatic II Complete Package:


The Y-piece splitter allows you to split your airflow into separate chambers/rooms from the Drymatic II. This Y-Piece allows you do duct the controlled heated airflow into 2 areas.

The Y-Piece also gives you many options for your drying job setup. Have the freedom to duct one or both of the Drymatic II Intake Outlets (outside or inside). You can now duct your room intake from 2 different areas, or do the same with the outside intake. The Drymatic Range of Adaptors allow you to channel your heated airflow or intakes with more freedom!

INCLUDED Y Piece Adaptor 3 x 5m 150mm Hose 3 x Jubilee Clips 1 x 150mm to 150mm Joiner 1 x Carry Bag