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Jeet JXS Series Videoscope

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  • Jeet JX Series Videoscope
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JEET JX Motor-driven 3D Measurement Videoscope

JX series is an electronically controlled 3D measuring endoscope which has been independently developed by JEET Technology for many years. It has the function of fast and high-precision global scanning, which can realize 3D cloud image modeling and 3D measurement, and fine-tune the navigation keys and confidence level assistance during measurement. Point selection, to achieve accurate measurement; the use of joystick electric control direction, fast/slow control guidance, step fine-tuning, precise steering positioning, detection is more efficient and convenient.

Meet the Requirements of Various Detection Environments and has Wide Application Scenarios

Intelligent touch screen to restore real image effect

  • 7-inch intelligent touch screen, sensitive touch and accurate operation
  • The screen brightness can be adjusted and the image can be clearly seen
  • Ultra clear image quality and highly restore the real effect of the image
  • Parametric adjustment of image effect to grasp the defect situation at any time

Rugged and suitable for different scenes

  • 4-layer wear-resistant tungsten wire tube, the wear resistance is 20 times than the ordinary tube
  • The probe, objective lens and tube system shall be IP67 waterproof 
  • The shell is made of engineering alloy and aviation aluminum alloy, which is firm and durable
  • The products have undergone strict high and low temperature, drop, vibration and other tests

Intelligent File Management, Providing Professional Test Reports

MDI report generation and intelligent file management functions provide users with professional detection reports.

MDI report function,generate test report

  • Select the photo and give a text description of the defect below the picture
  • Graffiti notes can directly circle defects and cracks on the drawing
  • Watermark annotation, and you can customize "qualified, crack" and other marks
  • Generate report, which can be saved in USB flash disk, internal storage or transfered to mobile device via Bluetooth

Intelligent and convenient file management

  • The file name can be preset or renamed
  • New folders can be created to quickly find files
  • Support picture/video preview and graffiti annotation pictures
  • Pictures, videos and test reports can be deleted or exported with one click

3D Cloud Scanning Modeling and Rapid Measurement

High precision and fast global scanning 3D cloud image

  • Fast global scanning to view 3D physical cloud image
  • Vertical depth cloud map, automatic measurement of maximum depth
  • 3D cloud image XYZ coordinate display, arbitrary section view, easy to locate the depth and height difference of internal defects
  • the datum plane shifts and the depth value changes in real time

Accurate Articulation with Joystick, Super Compatible Tube

With super bright LED ceramic light source or optical fiber lighting,the illuminance can reach to 1,000,000 Lx.

Photo / video
Gun type one click to take photos and video,make the operation convenient and fast 

Rotation speed
One click control, fast/slow electric rotation, automatic reset

Probe positioning
One click lock probe,  fine adjustment, precise positioning

  • Modular design, and the host system, tube system and power supply system can be disassembled and separated.
  • Independently replace the 1.0mm~8.0mm tube system to meet the needs of different working conditions.

Craftsmanship, Military Quality

We have obtained more than 10 invention patents and software copyrights, passed ISO9001/14001 system certification. JEET's product got CE, RoHS certificates, certificate from the Ministry of Public Security Testing Center and QC inspection report from Ceprei,Credit Rating Certification、GJB9001 National Military Standard System Certification,Explosion Proof Certification, etc.

WiFi wireless image transmission

  • WiFi wireless connection, and the mobile device synchronously displays the detection image
  • Take photos / videos remotely through app and save test pictures
  • Error reporting notes

Probe temperature measurement

  • Real time display of detected ambient temperature
  • High temperature alarm function,  power off when overheating


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Diameter (mm):
1.0 / 1.8 / 2.2 / 2.8 / 3.6 / 6.0 / 8.0
Tube Length (m):
1 - 10
DOF (mm):
3-25 / 10-110
360° all-way
Light Source:
LED / optic fibre
Measurement Accuracy:
≥ 95%
Minimum Accuracy (mm):
Standard Accuracy (mm):
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