Protox Surface Disinfection (DES) 5lt

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Benefits of ProtoxDES

ProtoxDES when compared to Hypochlorite (ordinary chlorine) is approx. 100 times as effective as a surface disinfectant and does not bleach textiles or other materials. The active substance in ProtoxDES is Hypochlorous acid which is also known as super oxidized water. Hypochlorous acid is an active substance in the immune system of humans and mammals which is produced by the white blood cells to fight infections.

ProtoxDES is a non-labeling, broad-spectrum and sustainable surface disinfectant that does not contaminate the indoor climate, either with residual chemicals or volatile substances (VOCs). This, together with the fact that no cases of sensitisation or allergic reactions to the active substance, hypochlorous acid, have been registered within the concentration limits used for disinfection, makes the product particularly suitable for professional use where worker safety is paramount.

ProtoxDES supports the UN's sustainability goals in the best possible way, as the product is produced with sustainable energy and it is naturally degraded after the disinfection process to its starting substances - water and table salt. The production and use thus form a closed circuit that consumes only the supplied renewable energy.

ProtoxDES is a sustainable disinfectant that gently disinfects most surfaces.

  • Kills up to 99.9999% of the microorganisms on the surface,
    such as bacteria, viruses and spores
  • Is gentle on the skin and surfaces
  • Reduces into water and table salt
  • Safe to be used by anyone
  • Alcohol and perfume free

ProtoxDES has been tested

ProtoxDES has been tested according to EN standards EN 14476 EN 1276 and EN 13704. The tests showed that ProtoxDES kills 99.9999% of viruses, 99.9% of spores and 99.99% of bacteria after 5 minutes on clean surfaces.

Protox DES Product data

  • Dilution: ProtoxDes is ready to use and must not be diluted
  • Consumption: 1 liter rows for 20 m²
  • Stirring: No.
  • Application: Spray on surfaces and wipe with a cloth.
    At room temperature on clean surfaces.
  • pH: Approx. 6.5-7.5
  • Odour: Slightly chlorinated
  • Cleaning: None
  • Storage: Store cool but frost-free and protected from direct sunlight
  • Shelf life: 1 year in unopened packaging
  • Disposal: Empty packaging and residues must be handed in to the municipal waste scheme for plastic waste
  • Safety: Always read the safety data sheet before commissioning


Using Protox DES

What is Protox DES?

Protox DES is a broad-spectrum disinfectant. The product is a very mild oxidising agent and can therefore be used on almost all surfaces that can withstand water and salt.

The active substance in Protox DES is hypochlorous acid (HOCl) also called "super oxidized water" or hypochlorite. Protox DES contains approx. 0.2% hypochlorous acid formed by electrolysis of brine. Hypochlorous acid is also formed naturally by the white blood cells in all mammals and humans and contributes to the fight against infections in the body. Hypochlorous acid reduces to water and table salt after treatment. It thus leaves no residue in the indoor environment. It also does not contain flammable or “volatile substances” (VOCs) and is suitable for disinfecting even large surfaces.

Where do you use Protox DES?

Protox DES solves all tasks within surface disinfection in the home, school and day care institutions, the hotel and restaurant industry, sports and health facilities, in the retail trade and in all places where you want a healthy and infection-free environment.

Protox DES:

  • May be used on all surfaces that can withstand water and salt
  • May be used on surfaces in connection with food
  • Protox DES does not bleach delicate surfaces such as upholstered furniture, carpets or clothes - but in some cases it requires a finishing with water to avoid salt stains
  • Copper and brass surfaces / objects should be wiped with a cloth wrung out in water as they may be sensitive to salt

Working environment and safety

The product is not subject to labelling and does not contain any substances subject to labelling. Therefore, there are no special precautions when using Protox DES.

Note: All products containing water carry a risk of drying out the skin with prolonged or repeated use. People with particularly sensitive or very dry skin can therefore use protective gloves to their advantage.


Protox DES is applied with spray and wiped with a cloth after approximately 5 minutes.

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    Posted by Val W. on 23rd Aug 2021

    Customers are always asking safe products to be used in their home and this is perfect. Very safe and effective

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