Protox HP18 5lt

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Expected release date is 31st Aug 2022

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ProtoxHP18 is a hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant with high efficacy against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mould and spores. ProtoxHP18 is biodegradable, odourless, non-allergenic, leaving only oxygen and water as residual products. ProtoxHP18 is very effective for in-depth disinfection and odour removal of exposed, porous surfaces such as concrete, wooden structures etc. HP18 can be used for high-efficiency bleaching with the additional product ”Protox Turbo additive”.

  • Mould stain remover
  • Very effective hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectant
  • Works well against viruses, bacteria, yeast, mould and spores
  • ProtoxHP18 is biodegradable, odourless, non-allergenic, leaving only oxygen and water as residual products.
  • Effective for in-depth disinfection and odour removal of exposed, porous surfaces 


ProtoxHP18 comes as a ready-to-use solution and is applied with a low/medium pressure spray. Be sure to saturate the treated surface but avoid a runoff. ProtoxHP18 can be diluted with water 1:1 for surface disinfection on non-absorbent surfaces.

Dosage: 1L per 5-10 mdepending on the absorbency of the surface.


Perform testing before use on materials that may be sensitive to bleaching. Do not discharge into drains, handle the product and its packaging safely.


ProtoxHP18 (and other products containing more than 12% hydrogen peroxide) can only be used by companies that can document that they are using the product for disinfection, mould removal (or similar) in accordance with EU Regulation 98/2013. If the product is delivered to a different address than the company, the recipient of the product must be able to confirm their relationship with the company (credentials or similar).

The product MUST be stored securely in a locked room or closet, unavailable to unauthorized personnel, and the keys of the room or closet must be stored securely.

Safety precautions for use

The product is corrosive, and all forms of skin contact should be avoided. Therefore, always wear tight-fitting overalls, face protection (as well as head protection), rubber boots and rubber gloves. Check the transition between boots, gloves and suit and make sure it is tight. Be careful when undressing the protective equipment and under no circumstances should you use it the protective covering again. Please read the safety data sheet carefully.

The product should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 35°C. The product can withstand frost.

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