Protox Protect 5lt

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Expected release date is 31st Aug 2022

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Protox Mould Protect is a professional and effective priming product that keeps surfaces free from fungal attack. The product is easy to use.

  • Professional and effective product that keeps surfaces free from fungal attack
  • Easy to use
  • Colourless
  • Suitable for indoors due to no degassing

Protox Mould Protect is a colorless waterproofing agent. It has a low template code (00-1) and is not classified as dangerous, harmful to health.

Protox Mould Protect is suitable for preventing growth and discoloration of mould on porous surfaces such as moist wood, gypsum, concrete, eternity plates, masonry, wallpaper, etc. It also prevents and combats discoloration outdoors on wood, wooden plants, tiles, etc.

Protox Mould Protect is among other things suitable for the prevention of mould growth on cold bridges in the home, on moist building materials and building parts that periodically become wet. Typical problem areas are roof rails and plywood in the roof room with poor ventilation, condensation on plywood due to undercooling, damp and poorly insulated outer walls, etc.

Protox Mould Protect has no degassing to the indoor climate 

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