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Drymatic II Exhaust Kit

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  • Drymatic II Exhaust Adaptor
  • Drymatic II Exhaust Adaptor with Hose
  • Drymatic II Exhaust Kit


The Exhaust Adapter allows the Drymatic II exhaust outlet to be reduced from 150mm to 100mm which allows you to exhaust your Drymatic II into a down light, toilet window vent etc. This great accessory is ideal in a situation where property security is a factor. The property can be securely locked while your Drymatic II is drying the property.

  • Enables you to exhaust into smaller areas.
  • Exhaust into ceilings (taking out down lights), small windows etc
  • Splitting from the 3 port stepping down to 100mm then to the 100mm Y Piece 

The Drymatic II Exhaust Adaptor Kit Includes:

  • 1x 150mm to 100mm Reducer Adaptor
  • 2x Jubilee Clips
  • 1x 6metres of 100mm Hose
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Drymatic II Adaptors
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